Key Technologies for New Energy Vehicles – Batteries

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Your path to becoming an expert on battery technology

This course is a collaboration between the Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen and the provider for training and development programs Materna TMT based in Dortmund. A future-oriented and sustainable mobility is a major challenge for almost all industrialized countries and countries with emerging economies. Electric mobility is a key technology that can significantly contribute to accomplishing this challenge but only if the electricity used to power electric vehicles is supplied by renewable energy sources such as wind power or solar energy. And the speed at which e-mobility is going to spread really depends upon one key technology factor – the battery. The demands made on electric vehicle batteries are high. They have to last for the lifetime of the car. And they have to cope with thousands of charging cycles and extreme changes in temperature, and withstand the consequences of a crash. All this comes at a price. The battery alone makes up around one third of the overall costs of an e-vehicle.

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