Brilliant Customer Service

Trainer/in: Tony Hunt


Improve your people skills and improve your customer loyalty

Do you want to improve your level of customer service quality? In this interactive video course you and your customer service representatives (CSRs) will be provided with various reality-proven models of high-quality customer service strategies and techniques that are easily implementable. You will furthermore learn how to turn any complaining customer into a brand and service quality ambassador and tell you why customer relationship management (CRM) is worth the effort and money and how it can elevate your service level and customer loyalty.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Use the various channels like phone, email and CRM in an efficient manner
  • Deal with angry or difficult customers
  • Involve and liberate your customer support employees by handing over responsibility

This course is aimed at people who have to make strategic decisions for their customer support team, those who are at the sharp end, for customer relationship managers, and basically, everyone who is somehow involved in professional relationship management and development.

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